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NEPALI KHEL, the game offered by ongd-fnel, scouts & guides Luxembourg …

Click on “Let’s play” and create your user account. This will allow you to record your points and gradually close the distance which separates you from Nepal. Each point gained during the game represents 10 km of distance travelled, but you have to win the game in order to validate your points.

You have the possibility to click on “More information” after each question, in order to learn more about the subject. You can also consult the overview of questions and answers at the end of the game, by clicking on the open book icon.

Another small tip: take care not to land on the yeti space, or you will be sent back to the start!

Dice: Throw the dice by clicking on it
Beware of the pothole. If you land on it you lose 3 points.
If you answer a multiple-choice question correctly, you win points. Some questions have several correct answers, but you can only select one. If the question has only one correct answer, and you choose it, you receive 15 points. If there are two correct answers and you choose one of them, you receive 10 points. If all three answers are correct you receive 5 points.
If you land on these spaces you will discover a new place in Nepal and receive 5 points each time.

We hope that this game will allow you to learn more about this fascinating country.

Have fun playing, and enjoy discovering Nepal.

The ONGD-FNEL team